Oxford (UK)



Weird Stuff

City-wide Themes and Threats

Theme: City of Dreaming Spires

Oxford is a University City

  • Motto: Fortis est veritas (Strength in Truth)
  • Idea: There is an ongoing issue with Oxford students who show promise being recruited by the White Council (it's lower priority though since there aren't any major white council wizards in Oxford, only minor ones), but there is a traitor amongst the council's midst who has been corrupting some of the students.
  • Aspect: Knowledge is power, but power corrupts.
  • Face: Morgan Trevellyn-Jones (White Council Professor)

Theme: Something under the city sleeps

  • Idea: Oxford College (Magdalen / St Johns) has a small, but active, section of the archaeology department that are in the process of unearthing some sort of major item or creature of power. It's yet undefined (something akin to an Old One though, not a normal bad guy).
  • Aspect: Some things are better left buried.
  • Faces: Professors - knowledgeable but clueless about the supernatural.

Threat: Dark forces lurk in the shadows

  • Idea: Developing, underground battle between White Court houses; House Skavis is trying to muscle in on the House Raith turf (it's a college town so the place is infused with sexual tension; Skavis pushes despair. Skavis has utilized ghouls to stir up trouble. Ongoing serial murders and other attacks?
  • Aspect: Something wicked this way comes
  • Faces: House Skavis; House Raith; Black Council - They also are stirring up trouble with White Court to distract those in the know from what's going on at the University.


The Balance of Power

Mundane Status Quo

The City of Oxford balances gown and town.

  • Cosmopolitan University City
  • Well Healed

From wikipedia:
The influx of migrant labour to the car plants and hospitals, recent immigration from south Asia, and a large student population, have given Oxford a notable cosmopolitan character, especially in the Headington and Cowley Road areas with their many bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, ethnic shops and fast food outlets. Oxford is one of the most diverse small cities in Britain with the most recent population estimates for 2005 showing that 27% of the population were from an ethnic minority group, including 16.2% from a non-white ethnic minority ethnic group (ONS). These figures do not take into account more recent international migration into the city, with over 10,000 people from overseas registering for National Insurance Numbers in Oxford between 2005/06 and 2006/07.

Supernatural Status Quo

The White Council holds a significant presence in Oxford, based around the Colleges of the University, especially All Souls College. Students that show an affinity for magic may be taken aside for special tuition and induction in to the White Council if proven to be strong enough. Otherwise, they are introduced to the Wardens, warned to tow the line, and watched.

White Court presence and making moves on the White Council power base. House Skavis, based in the Blackbird Leys area of the city. A further White Court presence (House Raith) based in the Cowley Road area. The White Court continually test the boundaries of what the White Council will abide in Oxford.

A small Black Court presence resides in St Sepulchre's Cemetary in Jerico.

Movers and Shakers

In the Dark : Maintaining the Status Quo

  • University Dons
  • Local Council
  • Police: Thames Valley Police
  • Criminal Community

In the Dark : Rocking the Boat

  • Student Community
  • Tensions between Town and Gown
  • Gangs in East Oxford

In the Know : Maintaining the Status Quo

Ambulance Crews
Ambulance crews in the city see a little too many strange things to discount them completely; generally neutral
Special Branch
The special branch of the Thames Valley police get to investigate the strange crimes. They know very little but there are some who know more than others. They generally support the mortal status quo
Oxford Council of Faiths
Oxford houses a number of different faiths (Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Bah'ai). The Oxford Council of Faiths is a multi-faith group. An inner council of the group know somewhat of what's going on and tend to the status quo side of neutral.
Order of the Golden Dawn
Occult dabblers - haven't got a clue with most things, but would probably support the White Council if they found out
White Council
know a great deal, but aren't telling

In the Know : Rocking the Boat

Black Court
more or less neutral, small presence based around the Jerico area
White Court
some major attempts to change the balance of power in their favour
  • House Raith - ecstasy feeding House of the White Court, based around the Cowley Road and Jerico areas
  • House Skavis - despair feeding House of the White Court, based in the Blackbird Leys area of the city
Temple of Morgoth
example of a little knowledge being dangerous. This Outsider cult is looking to overthrow the balance of power completely and bring about the reign of Morgoth.
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